Among Kofield Construction Company's many services are:

General Construction  -  Construction Management

Site Work  -  Land Survey  -  Design/Build

Feasibility Studies  -  Space Planning

The concept of design/build has gained prominence in the construction industry because of the numerous advantages it offers to clients.

Simply put, Kofield's design/build capability allows clients to deal with one company that assumes responsibility for all phases of design and construction, rather than with a separate architecture firm and construction company.  Our architects, engineers, project managers and subcontractors work together as teams, and are committed to the same goal as the client - delivery of the project on-time and on-budget.

Traditionally, a client first goes to an architect for help in conceiving and designing a project.  The architect goes through several phases of design and revisions before final construction documents are produced.  Then, the job is sent out to contractors for bids, bids are evaluated, a contractor is hired.  Several months after the initial meeting, construction begins.

By using only one firm to handle all phases of a project, the time frame is greatly reduced.  Since design and construction work together from the beginning, communication is enhanced.  Decisions can be made swiftly, as can changes and revisions.  While a project is being designed, other phases of work can begin.  Budget factors dictated by construction costs can be anticipated and factored into the design.  Construction may begin while final design decisions are still being made, saving valuable time.

Our skilled management teams are responsible for scheduling subcontractors on a tight, efficient timetable so that deadlines are met and each phase of construction proceeds smoothly.

Unlike the traditional method, a maximum price for the project is established during the preliminary design stage and is guaranteed unless changes are made.

Ultimately, our clients have greater peace of mind. Since they only have to deal with one company, the strains on their own personnel are greatly reduced, leaving them to the business of their business.

And us, to ours.